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Welcome to the Team Member Registration Process

Before beginning the registration process by clicking the link below, please read through the brief position job descriptions so you can select the appropriate position when applying. You may choose as many positions as you are qualified to perform.

General Team Member Position Descriptions

Accounting Responsible for tracking expenditures in multiple currencies, compiling expense reports, Microsoft Excel use, handling cash, accounts payable and receivable tasks.
Administration Responsible for ordering and purchasing supplies, typing, filing, answering phones, arranging appointments, data entry, records management, translation, information technology functions.
Anthropologist Responsible for recovery of human remains, examinations and identifications, collection of DNA reference samples, working along other forensic specialists and managing fragmented remains.
Archaeologist Responsible for planning and conducting field recoveries of human remains from individual or mass burials, accidents or incidents. Includes surveying and controlled excavation and eventually analysis of data collected along side other scientific specialists.
Autopsy Specialists Responsible for assisting pathologists; working alongside other forensic specialists and funeral directors with intact or fragmented human remains and at time conducting checks of fragment human remains and accounting for multiple fragments.
Child Care Provide childcare support to survivors and bereaved in Families Assistance Center.
Data Management Responsible for database development, create and maintain hard copy files, transcribe as required, general clerical and admin duties as necessary.
Dental Assistants Responsible for assisting in forensic odontology exams and assisting in the dental charting of deceased.
Embalmer Responsible for embalming of intact or fragmented human remains, as well completion of required documents for the repatriation and final disposition of deceased. May also work with personal effects.
Event Planner/Memorial Director Responsible for planning large scale family or public memorials for mass fatality events; working with different private and public stakeholders, sensitive to various religious and cultural considerations.
Fingerprint Specialist Responsible for the collection, examination and identification of deceased through fingerprint comparisons.
Forensic Coordinator Responsible for scientific side of morgue operations and meets requirements of their specific forensic skill set.
Forensic Odontologists Responsible for forensic odontology examinations of deceased in the post mortem process and the charting and comparing of ante mortem and post mortem records within the information management process.
Forensic Pathologist Responsible for ensuring appropriate post mortem medical examinations are conducted on all relevant deceased.
Forensic Photographer Responsible for photographically recording evidence within the incident scene and mortuary, including photographing human remains.
Forensic Radiographer Responsible for conducting body and dentition radiographs of deceased.
Funeral Director Responsible for meeting / working with families, authorities, other funeral directors to gather families wishes for disposition, complete documents and oversee repatriations, internments or cremations. May also work with personal effects.
Incident Management Center Staff Responsible for staffing Kenyon or Client operations centers, coordinating and overseeing the actions of administrative, logistical and accounting operations between various field and office locations. Typically done in 12 hour shift operations.
Information Technology Responsible for the provision of information technology support to the incident site and crisis management center.
Logistics Responsible for ordering/securing supplies, international shipping, storage, distribution. May include transportation of team members and family members.
Mental Health Responsible for the provision of mental health support to survivors, family members, Kenyon Team Members, and support staff.
Personal Effects Processing Responsible for the coordination and recording of personal effects located on the deceased, or collected from the incident site.
Physician Assistant / Nurse / Medic Responsible for providing urgent medical care to Kenyon team operating in a field or austere conditions.
Records Management Responsible for the efficient and effective receipt, organization, storage and retrieval of information and data.
Search & Recovery Responsible for searching, recording, accountablity, and transport of human remains and personal effects from various incident sites, which could include technical recoveries.
Special Assistance Provide practical support at survivors' and bereaved's homes, Families Assistance Center, hospitals. May include assisting in the collection of antemortem information and familial DNA references.
Translator Responsible for reading, writing and conversational translation with family members, Team Members, government officials.

Before you begin, please have a copy of your passport, resume/CV and immunizations with you

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